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Financial Services >>

FMA provides a comprehensive array of services to include pre-charge off, pre-legal, pending bankruptcy, primary, mid-prime, secondary, tertiary, quandary and dormant judgements segments. Our company currently provides effective recovery programs for a variety of credit issuers to include Credit Card, Retail Card, Consumer Loans, DDA and Auto deficiencies and end of term lease.

Healthcare >>

Our management team has extensive background in virtually all vertical markets, in particular the healthcare industry. We are HIPAA ready and provide services to include Extended Business Office, Early-Out Self Pay, Insurance Follow-Up, Primary and Secondary Bad Debt.

Student Loans >>

FMA provides effective recovery programs to the Education industry and establishes both borrower and co-borrower campaigns when appropriate.

Contact Management >>

We handle all high volume calling services including but not limited to: emergency notifications, appointment reminders, customer service call centers, telemarketing, and helpdesk.

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Make it a Win-Win situation.

That's our philosophy in a nutshell. Within our industry, we are known for our dedication to ethics and quality. As an ACA PPMS certified agency, our objectives are to recover the maximum amount of money as quickly as possible, and to establish a long-term, mutually profitable relationship with every client.

We are committed to continual growth. Our dedicated employees are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. At FMA, training doesn't end when a representative graduates from their orientation training. Training is an on-going process each and every day through monitoring, quality reviews, and feedback sessions designed to enhance strengths and identify areas for continued improvement. We've developed a culture that takes pride in the product we deliver our clients and thus our representatives and management team are confident of their awareness and knowledge of your business and its characteristics.

Technological advancements with a personal touch. The key to efficient recoveries when working early out or charged-off accounts is time. Every hour and every day can make a difference in whether or not an account is recovered. Realizing this, FMA has designed a state-of-the-art collection system that is functionally integrated with the nation’s premiere third-party database companies. This integrated system enables us to have your business loaded and pre-processed in only hours, thus you’ll frequently see us making contact attempts on the same day the business is assigned. Our sophisticated pre-processing subjects all accounts to bankruptcy and deceased databases as well as a proprietary scoring system that also provides other key data elements which help us identify and prioritize accounts based on their liquidation index.

Unparalleled Support. Liquidation is the ultimate goal, but your business partners also have to consistently deliver a high-quality "back-office" process in order to minimize the administrative burden placed on your business. FMA takes great pride in its administrative support and the dedicated client service personnel who consistently rank among the best in the industry for meeting and exceeding client reporting requirements. Did we mention that we're among the largest of agencies to have achieved certified status in the ACA International's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) program? Well, we are, and it most obviously shows when your staff is interacting with our support personnel and processes!