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Financial Services >>

FMA provides a comprehensive array of services to include pre-charge off, pre-legal, pending bankruptcy, primary, mid-prime, secondary, tertiary, quandary and dormant judgements segments. Our company currently provides effective recovery programs for a variety of credit issuers to include Credit Card, Retail Card, Consumer Loans, DDA and Auto deficiencies and end of term lease.

Healthcare >>

Our management team has extensive background in virtually all vertical markets, in particular the healthcare industry. We are HIPAA ready and provide services to include Extended Business Office, Early-Out Self Pay, Insurance Follow-Up, Primary and Secondary Bad Debt.

Student Loans >>

FMA provides effective recovery programs to the Education industry and establishes both borrower and co-borrower campaigns when appropriate.

Contact Management >>

We handle all high volume calling services including but not limited to: emergency notifications, appointment reminders, customer service call centers, telemarketing, and helpdesk.

Student Loans

FMA with its many years of experience servicing the education industry, prides itself in delivery results that exceed our clients' expectations and allows you to consistently meet your goals.

Experienced. Ethical. Flexible.

Our ethical approach to collections assures you that borrowers are treated with the utmost professionalism and the image of our clients is maintained above all else. We realize that these students are our future.

We provide online access, customized ad-hoc reporting and customer service that is second to none in the industry.