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What makes us different is what makes us excel.

What makes FMA different from all the rest? What sets us apart? We know all those other companies talk about quality, commitment, and results. They all have enterprise solutions that's going to help you be better, faster, more efficient. But can they actually prove it?

We can.

It's the way we do business, every day, for every client. We have concrete metrics in every aspect of our business that allow us to make continual incremental improvements to customize a solution that fits your business. We bring you the maximum return for your investment when you invest in us.

Account Analytics Most companies use just scoring to concentrate their efforts on the accounts that will yield the greatest return. We do more. We work the inventory in its entirety, we leave no stone unturned. We have a proprietary process of using a combination of metrics (not just scoring) that helps us identify inventory that will provide the most return for your investment. This allows us to put more concentrated, focused, and customized effort in those accounts, therefore maximizing your return.

We can find 85% of the dollars from 65% of the inventory. We still work 100% of the inventory, but we are able to focus and refine our efforts on the 65% of the inventory that is going to yield the most value.

Intelligent Negotiation Technology All those other asset recovery companies have a way to pay online. But do they offer an intelligent, customizable, automated payment negotiator? Our notification letters are colorful, beautiful, and friendly - driving traffic to our Intelligent Negotiation engine. We can reach the consumers and patients that are otherwise unreachable via telephone. We can custom design a payment system specific to your business needs that maximizes the propensity to pay - therefore maximizing return and value. This Intelligent Negotiation engine is fully controlled, compliance minded, and customizable with an infinite set of criteria. Just another way FMA surpasses what are hurdles for our competitors. This service is free, at no cost to the consumer, patient, or your business.

Call Analytics We have a state of the art call analytics program that allows us to monitor 100% of our calls.
Call Analytics can scan for criteria such as:

  • script adherence
  • trigger language
  • extreme emotions
  • infinite criteria for data mining

This allows us to quality control and enforce our compliance minded policies.

Hiring & Training We believe in our people and we invest in them. We have a highly selective hiring process and a rigorous paid training program. Every employee must pass two interviews, a background check, and drug screening. We verify all former employers and education. FMA can proudly say that we have an exceptionally low attrition rate for our industry. This is just another way that we stand out - we have real evidence that our processes and policies are working.