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Our vision, values, and mission is what drives us.

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It's no mistake that we have a world class management team here at FMA. We hand selected the best from the industry not just because of their achievements, but because of their record of excellence.

About FMA Alliance, Ltd.
What makes us different is what makes us excel.

FMA Alliance, Ltd. (FMA) is a privately owned receivables management company originally formed in 1983 and headquartered in Houston, Texas.

We occupy a state of the art collection and call center facility opened in October 2010. We maintain a national client base and service a variety of vertical markets to include Financial Services, Healthcare, Student Loans, and Contact Management.

Investment in Innovative Technology: FMA has made very large investments in tools that make us different. Almost all agencies record 100% of their calls now, but FMA invested in call analytics software that allows us to virtually monitor and evaluate 100% of our calls. Our software converts speech to text and allows us to real-time monitor for key words, script adherence, and technique. It also monitors emotion on each call, alerting management in real-time of an emotional consumer, allowing management the opportunity to intervene on the call as its happening.

FMA is has invested in a web site that has built in intelligence capable of negotiating payments with a consumer based on criteria we provide (account age, credit score, balance, client criteria, settlement authority, etc), all without a live agent being involved. These days, many consumers prefer to negotiate payments on their own via the internet; this tool gives FMA the advantage of accepting money from people we may not have spoken with otherwise.

Compliance: FMA remains active with ACA and other professional collection organizations. FMA has held the highly coveted ACA PPMS designation since 2002. As the most prestigious third-party certification available in our industry, ACA's PPMS has rapidly become the standard for collection agencies and clients focused quality services. We fully understand the goal of each communication is to resolve an outstanding debt but also recognize the utmost importance of protecting our clients' brand and reputation.

Adherence to our Vision, Values, and Mission is the company philosophy. We reinforce it in what we do every day.